About Us

How would you feel if you could have your money working for you?, What if you could be a corporate farmer? Farmnets understands that not everyone wants to go through the rigors of farming even though they would love to participate in it, In fact without ever seeing your farm, investors are able to gain from their investment into agriculture.

What We Do

We cater for all your Farm activities


Payback Assurance Afterwards

Farm sponsors can look forward to getting paybacks that falls between 10–60% on unique sponsorship


Endowing Agile Farmers

We have Over 1800 of our farmers who are able to keep having something doing


Beefing Up Our Food Production System

Farm Sponsors get involved in Agriculture hence, give a boost to domestic food production system


Engaging Tillable Cropland

We are centered around exploiting under-used tillable land in provincial networks to develop nourishment.

Start Your Farm

Invest to own your own farm business with us


Acres Available


Farm Sponsorships



Core Value

We are initiative, we tend to add values to our lives

Plant Genetic Research

Plant Genetic Research

Our research on plant science has help us to provide vital knowledge and the technology needed for advancing the sustainability of agriculture.

Plant Production

Plant Production

We create a system that ensure integration of biological knowledge to analyse and design sustainable production systems for crops also focused on resource use efficiency and equitable management of natural resources.

Seed Production

Seed Production

We introduce a delivery system that aim at producing high quality seed for improved genetics, new plant/crop production method and crop protective strategies to boost enormous efficiency of agriculture.



With our organic manure, plants are provided with available food/nutrients needed to boost its growth and healthy appearance.

Farmnets gives you the extra push to reaching your dream Agribusiness. We have unlimited farm offers to suit you, so take advantage of the opportunity to participate in Agribusiness without having to own a farmland or knowledge of agricultural processes, we are here to guide you throughout all the processes.


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